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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Galactics Tame the Perfect Storm in “Subtle Disclosure” by Steve Beckow


The Galactics Tame the Perfect Storm in “Subtle Disclosure”

2011 August 28
by Steve Beckow
Well, there seem to be a lot of CNN reporters standing around with little to do.

Susan Candeotti was telling us around 4:00 a.m. EDT that the traffic light was swinging. She pointed to some water, way over there. Can you see it? Residents are watching for that water to rise.
There. Way down at the end of the street. See?

Ahhh, no. I don’t see it. No, I believe you that there’s some water over there, but….


But how many people will get what I believe really happened, which is that our space family smoothed this one out? (Yes, and we played our role here too.)

I think the galactics told us what was going on. Maybe not on marquees with flashing lights, but quietly and gently. I think this is what Wanderer of the Skies called “a subtle Disclosure”:

“There is a subtle Disclosure occurring now that is quite promising in its ability to lead to the announcement that will be unmistakable for everyone on your planet. Watch carefully for its effects as it ripples out from the source.” (1)

We are watching its effects. The mitigation of Hurricane Irene must be prominent among them. We are connecting the dots and this is one very big dot.

We’re not the only ones reading SaLuSa and Wanderer, as the latter reminds us: “These [last remaining cabalistic] groups, now disconnected and operating separately, monitor these channelings to determine what advantage they can take over us.” (2)

The remaining holdouts of the cabal, who were behind, I think, Irene storming up the East Coast to raise fear – the ultimate monster, the perfect storm – faced the galactics’ technology, which again I believe can now be used fully because the deadline for disclosure has passed. Archangel Michael said so in my reading of Aug. 1, 2011:

“The deadlines have happened. And we have taken a collective breath and said, all right. But there is some margin here. And we will give it to them. … The Company of Heaven, and far beyond. We want to help, so we are giving, allowing, some extra flexibility. But from our side, everything is in place. Everything is a go.” (3)

That extra margin was to allow the cabalists to, so to speak, lay down their arms, to back off and come to the table. Wanderer explains how the last Illuminati thought that their space-derived technology would still (at this late date) prevail and yet it has not.

“They cannot ever imagine the extent and nature of our technology. They have been the recipients of technology spoon fed to them by various self-interested species over the years and believe that those technologies are the ‘cutting edge’ of what is out there among the different races of beings in this universe. They are sadly mistaken in this belief. They were given only small amounts of disjointed technologies for those species’ own protection. It does not even touch the tip of the iceberg of the level of our technological capabilities.

“As we have discussed with you, all events which have ever occurred can be accessed through our technology. This technology is actually available to these rogue groups and in use presently by them. We know every move these rogue groups make, where they intend next to take action, and what their ultimate plans are.

“We have already demonstrated to you how easy it is for us to switch off your nuclear weapons, disable rocketry intended to deliver them, and otherwise cause disruption to military actions. We indicate these things to you not to laud our strength over you, but to let you know that we could have, at any time, overtaken your planet by force if we chose to do so. It is not our intention. We are here out of Love and concern for you, our brothers and sisters. While some of you ‘get this,’ others, like these rogue groups, have ideologies that blind them to the truth.” (4)

In my view, the galactics have shown the cabal through the mitigation of this vast storm that was as big as Western Europe if I heard CNN correctly, that the elite cannot continue to hold out against our space family and hope to succeed. When this last group tosses in the towel, then we will have Disclosure, Wanderer says.

“When these rogue elements come to the table to be part of the agreements that so many others of the Illuminati have already acquiesced in, then we will consider it safe that we disclose. Part of the ongoing delay in Disclosure is due to this hold out. Our diplomatic teams have been in contact with the representatives of these groups but it is difficult to discuss these issues with them.” (5)

But even this extra margin that the galactics have extended to the last cabal has a “best before” date.

“If these rogue elements do not reach an agreement with our emissaries soon, we will have no choice but to bypass them in the arrangements being made. We are reasonably confident that your leaders, and many of the former Illuminati, will pave the way for as smooth a transition as possible despite the absence of these groups in the agreement.” (6)

SaLuSa too tells us that “our allies are gaining more confidence in confronting those who are against Ascension…. The power is now with them and their demands for an end to covert actions are soon to bear fruit.” The issue is bearing fruit as we speak. “The issue may have to be forced through, and they are fully prepared for all situations.” (7) Or the cabal could simply recognize they are outclassed and throw in the towel. Certainly taming this ultimate hurricane must be perceived in their halls of power as a great defeat.

Just two weeks ago, Wanderer told us that these last holdouts were rogue military groups with fundamentalist persuasions.

“We perceive that the last of the ‘hold outs’ are actually rogue military operations from several of your governments who do not want to give up their grasp on power. Some of these are of fundamentalist religious persuasions, so we are perceived as a great threat to them instead of the allies we are for humanity.” (8)

These are they who “monitor these channelings.”

SaLuSa tells us that “more facts about us than ever are entering your public arena, and our activities are becoming more known. We allow that as it is time you knew how much we do for you, and in the present times we are quite busy keeping the dark Ones in their place.”

We are at this moment, I believe, watching “how much [they] do for [us].” (9) I’m convinced that, as SaLuSa says, “we are quite busy keeping the dark Ones in their place” – over Chesapeake Bay, Ocean City, and even Broadway.

“We ensure that their plans only have a limited degree of success, whilst using every opportunity to turn matters in our favour. Since we know what they plan, it becomes easy for us to intervene through the presence of our allies. Of course we can take direct action when necessary, and do it in a way that does not leave us being accused of interference in your affairs.” (10)
And why all the subtlety and behind-the-scenes operations? SaLuSa told us last month:

“Various acts on your world are being carefully orchestrated towards a goal that will allow the Disclosure process to unfold with a minimum of disruption to all of you. It is imperative that when the time comes, there be little in the way of change of your day to day routines so that the appropriate programs can be unfurled and become operational quickly.” (11)

Everything about the way the galactics are handling things is subtle, he says.

“We shall take it easy before thrusting ourselves upon you. We are aware of the increasing numbers of people that are now happy to see us arrive, and that brings a mass flyover of our craft so much nearer. However, for the time being that is not amongst the most important mission that we have, as the Earth must have reached a safe level for us to go ahead.

“There is no urgency involved, but naturally we welcome the opportunity to greet you in a way that will clearly show that we come as your friends. Eventually we shall stand shoulder to shoulder with your newly appointed leaders, and you shall know beyond doubt that the threat from the dark Ones has been removed. Then you will really see some progress as all projects go speeding ahead.” (12)

So that’s my take on what is happening.  No videos have yet surfaced of the galactics over Hurricane Irene. It may be that they are giving this one last message to the cabal quietly to allow them to save face and avoid a final showdown.

The days and weeks ahead will show how successful the galactics have been. But the mitigation of Hurricane Irene, a Category 3 storm  that was as big as Western Europe, and remained strong at higher levels but was tame as a pussycat on the ground, must stand as one of the clearest and largest indications the galactics have given us that they are our friends and that they stand on guard for us against those who cause us harm.


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The Declaration of Human Freedom

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