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Friday, July 6, 2012

English - Archangel Michael: Mass Arrests are Never Compassionate and Will Not be Used with the Cabal

As readers know, I had a personal reading with Archangel Michael today (July 4) through Linda Dillon (see audio below).

I asked him to tell us why there were discrepancies between what he says and what a galactic source held in such high esteem by us all (SaLuSa) says. Here are his answers. 

SaLuSa says that arrests will take place and AAM sayd that containment will take place. Why are the versions different? I asked for as much detail as possible in his answer. 

Here is the tape: 

He replied that he didn't want to appear to be in contradiction to SaLuSa. He said that what he was giving when he discussed containment was very sacred information on how the Company of Heaven is proceeding and will proceed in divinely intervening to address and contain a massive system of egregious behavior that has never been of love or light. 

Our planet, he said, has a very poor track record of handling such things as mass arrests in a kind, loving and beneficent matter. And he cited the Holocaust as one example and I added the Japanese American and Canadian internments. People were herded in ways that were never kind or loving. These actions have never been in alignment with universal law. Regardless of how many people say they want to do the mass arrests in calm and peaceful ways, many people will still look for revenge and retribution.

The mechanisms we have in place for such mass arrests have normally, generally and historically involved actual and spiritual violence and brutality. Where do you intend to put all these people [the cabal]? he asked. (Remember how many people have said to put them in the same FEMA camps that they intended to put us in.) How do you intend to take care of them? Our plans were not loving or of the higher-dimensional reality. 

Archangel Michael has asked that mass arrests do not take place but they cannot override our free will. But he asks that what we do come from a place of compassion and forgiveness. He reminded us that we were talking about a mass action. There was no evidence that the archangels see that we would not generate more cruelty in carrying it out. 

The archangels have heard the argument that we need to see arrests so we feel safe and so that our collective heart begin to heal knowing that we are secure and punishment has been given. He asked if this is not exactly what our enslavers would say? 

He asked us who we thought would be in charge of such a massive undertaking? It would be those who seek control and that is what we are breaking away from. Is it possible to have mass arrests? Yes. Does it accord with the archangelic will? No.

I asked him if there would be some arrests and he said there would be some because we wanted them. He asked us to look to those one who were being contained and look at what they are doing with that change of heart. I asked him if John Roberts was one (having taken the lead from a reader's question) and he replied "Yes." I asked him if I could release that information and he said "Yes" again. 

He said that those who were contained can now return to the Divine Plan of their heart. I asked if someone could be contained and still carry on as a Supreme Court Judge and he said, "Oh, yes. In fact it can be very beneficial, can it not?" If action is of love, light, peace or transformation, then that love can enter out into the world. If it is of hatred, greed or limitation, it cannot. Think of containment as "heavenly rehabilitation." They are penetrated, more than we can imagine, with light and love until that is all that remains. 

They don't necessarily want people to be removed from their positions. If they remain in that position and become the true light of love, then they are uniquely positioned to create massive change and that can be beneficial for the whole. There's some who will simply be arrested because that's what we want to have happen. They'll number perhaps less than a hundred people because most cabalists will be contained rather than arrested. 

I asked why SaLuSa doesn't mention this in his messages. And he said that this was information that wasn't readily available to him. I asked him if SaLuSa did not know of it and he replied, no, it wasn't that. It just wasn't SaLuSa's purview to speak of it or undertake it. It was an action undertaken (exceptionally rarely) by the archangels, what he calls "the Mighty Ones," the Company of Heaven. 

He asked us not to assume that the galactics have access to everything that the archangels do. There is not a divided effort. It is simply not something that SaLuSa is in a position to address just as the AAM does not like to address the issue of mass arrests. The galactics are aware of it but it isn't something they are claiming that they're doing. 

He asks us to watch the changes. It won't take long. He asks us to be observers, not militias or paramilitaries making mass arrests. Our job is to observe and report. He asks us to watch for changes in the ways the leadership shifts in their understandings and actions. These are our litmus tests. We are in partnership with the archangels, reporting on what occurs to the human collective. We are the observers and reporters. (So start up your blogsites, people.) 

How the galactics and intergalactics would go about collecting those who've wronged humanity and abandoned universal law would be far different and far more gentle and peaceful than anything humans would do. The archangels have moved away from the usage of human language because of the imprints and collective memories whenever we speak of "mass arrests." 

How long do we have to wait before the speaking of the galactics and the archangels is reconciled? He said the archangels would speak to the galactics right now and we could expect to see in the channeled messages that come up very soon some alteration in the explanation of what is anticipated. 

I told him also that there were readers who were greatly annoyed because they've waited so long for any tangible or visible evidence of something happening (the example of John Roberts will help) and now they hear the archangels saying that these containments will happen but they don't present tangible evidence. Readers and listeners feel impatient. Could he address this please?

He said the archangels understand what it means to wait but he reminded us that our time of waiting has not been for eons or a lifetime or even a portion of this lifetime. And he asked us to look for changes within ourselves, our families and our towns. He said few of us would wish to hear that request. But he is the archangel of truth as well as the archangel of peace. 

He advised us to look at the skies and at what is available to us in our secondary media. Look at the changes we are witnessing in people's belief system. 

He requested that we maintain our balance. He acknowledged that we are on the firing line and tired of saying that things are changing and then having no large, tangible evidence. But the tangible evidence is within us: how we see, how we feel, how we know. 

But he believed he was correct in saying that we did not want things to change so fast that it created hardship and scarcity. He suggested that we were given many situations everyday - public and private - and he named several of them - that were tangible. He advised us that we think there is always a plot but there is not on their part or on the part of humans. 

Even as unreliable as some of our news sources are, we can look to those who are trusted and note the changes. I asked him who we could follow. He said that we could follow this "platform" (the 2012 Scenario), BBC News, Stephen Cook - and here I chuckled and he responded "Yes, but I need to say this because they need to know that there are voices of truth and balance and reality" - and he added Diane Sawyer. 

He asked me not to hesitate ever to ask him the hard questions and with that we ended. 

So I do hope that this additional information bridges some of the gaps the original interview left. We don't have continual or constant access to someone like Archangel Michel and I know that can lead to frustrating situations. 

But we have enough here, I believe, to start looking around us and observing the changes taking place. Don't expect mass arrests because they are not supported by the archangelic realm. And correct people who say that the absence of mass arrests is evidence that all this is fraud and fakery. It is not. The archangels are following a different plan than the one we want. It is more beneficial, compassionate and just. 

Evidently, then, the changeover from cabal rule to planetary freedom will be accomplished by containment and not by mass arrests. 

We will publish a transcript as soon as it's available.

Website: The 2012 Csenario


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The Declaration of Human Freedom

The Declaration of Human Freedom

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No person shall be forced into marriage against his or her will. No woman shall be forced to bear or not bear children, against her will. No person shall be forced to hold or not hold views or worship in a manner contrary to his or her choice. Nothing vital to existence shall be withheld from another if it is within the community’s power to give.

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