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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Lightworker’s Mission – Part 3/3 - 2011 April - 15 by Steve Beckow

The Lightworker’s Mission – Part 3/3

2011 April 15
by Steve Beckow
(Continued from Part 2.)

Modeling Calmness and Confidence

The Company of Heaven also looks for us to contribute, in Lauren Gorgo’s words, “extraordinary clarity of thought, unwavering focus, increasing present-centered perception, and the ability to hold and maintain mental and emotional balance.” (1)

We live in chaotic times and are expected as lightworkers to maintain tranquillity, as Mira the Pleiadian suggests: “Even when you feel like the world is in a state of havoc you must stay grounded and centered. This is such important work right now.” (2)

SaLuSa sees calmness as the hallmark of lightworkers: “Lightworkers are known for their peaceful countenance and their service to others.” (3)

“Through their ability to keep calm and focus them wherever they are required, they have cleared so much of the lower energies that were clogging the arteries of Mother Earth. The more success they have, the more easily it will become to totally break the hold the dark Ones have had upon you.” (4)

He sees lightworkers as “stabilizing the energies of Light and grounding them to the benefit of others. They carry their torch wherever they go and illuminate the way forward. Without them many would succumb to the lower energies, and find it difficult to lift themselves up out of them.” (5)

Even before Ascension, the expansion in our consciousness will allow us to remain centered under any conditions, he reveals: “Eventually you will reach a point where you can exist on Earth, and be totally centered and focused so that nothing outside has any adverse affect upon you. Your consciousness will exist in a higher dimension and you will have a link with your Higher Self.” (6)

Archangel Gabriel informs us that the peaceful warrior serves as a magnet for beneficent energies.

“A peaceful heart can quench the tide of violence and create widespread change, as your great teacher, Gandhi, demonstrated so beautifully.

“When you use this peace filled heart with your faith in the abundant, healthy, harmonious evolution of the earth, you become a Beacon of Light that radiates great distances. You become a part of the great cosmic magnet that is attracting Divine energy to the planet, while you create a positive future for yourself and others. This inner activity can also become outer positive action as well.” (7)

Spreading Love and Light

Even though it may seem like new territory for many of us, SaLuSa encourages us to serve as an example by spreading our light and love around us.

“Each of you that are working with the Light are bringing your visions into being, and they are not just here to stay but be enlarged. Follow the promptings of your heart and let others see what it is like to spread Love and Light, and more importantly how it brings about peace and serenity. People are attracted to any soul that gives off such energies, and their own vibrations are lifted as a result. Happiness is catching, just as laughter can also lift the vibrations.

“Your evolution is about bringing more and more Light and understanding into your life. It is spreading the Light wherever you go, and showing others how to live their lives by your example.” (8)

Our ability to spread light and love is what will protect us against the dark forces, SaLuSa says.

“The Light is the building block of the Universe, and its power lies in its purity and high vibration. Stay in the energy of Love, and you cannot be assailed by the attempts of the dark Ones to prevent you lifting up. Providing you can contain your emotional reactions, there is no reason why you cannot deflect any such attacks upon you. Conversely, the higher you rise up, the more you are able to hold your position as your Light provides your protection.” (9)

Saul tells us that God will multiply the energy we send out to others.

“The energy you Light-holders are carrying and sharing more and more of the time is enormously powerful and is magnified exponentially by your divine Father, who delights in your will to share His Love indiscriminately with all your sisters and brothers. The glowing aura that envelops Planet Earth as you move towards awakening is of a most wonderful radiance and beauty, and it continues to intensify in each moment, as each of you continues to focus on the divine outcome that your energy, melded with God’s, is going to achieve.” (10)

Mira describes how brilliant the light is becoming around Earth and credits lightworkers for this development.

“The Light around the Earth is the brightest that we have ever seen in all of the time that we have been connected to the Earth. This is a tribute to you, those Light beings who are on the Earth committed to serve at this crucial point. We appreciate you, the work that you are doing, the love and the Light that you radiate, and the Earth appreciates you as well. Each one of you plays a pivotal role in the evolutionary process in which you are now living.” (11)

The Company of Heaven reminds us of the joy that awaits us on the completion of our task. Says Saul: “You know, and have always known, that eternal joy was to be yours when your task was completed, and as that moment approaches rapidly, continue to focus your loving intent on the outcome. Make it happen as you know it will.” (12)

Kuthumi reminds us that our efforts as lightworkers will bring us new knowledge and tools to speed us on our journey towards oneness.

“As each of you become the catalysts of the divine change and help to anchor on Earth that which humanity is ready for you will be richly rewarded in the form of self-knowledge, tools to self-empowerment, [and] ways of discovering your authentic pathway to oneness.” (13)

We are beings of light, our sources remind us. “If you could see yourselves as we do, you would have no doubt that you are Light Beings,” SaLuSa tells us. (14) As we progress in our work, “you are rising to such a level that you are acquiring your own Christ Consciousness,” Ker-On reveals. (15)

Archangel Michael gives us a ringing charge before releasing us to work.

“You are Christed beings. And we ask that you beam your light outwards and know that the path is emblazoned in glory, that the path is emblazoned with truth and light and wonder and joy and magic, co-creativity, unconditional love, enlightenment, courage and strength this day. …

“It is time to harvest what you have sown, the investments that you have made, and the light and Christ Consciousness that you have anchored as a Unity Collective Consciousness. The Goddess is here – the Universal Goddess and it’s time to harvest … the souls – to awaken and re-member. And the harvest will be borne of Cosmic Christ Consciousness and Unconditional Love which will be dispensed from one heart to the other, And the path will be paved with heart. We ask that you walk … the path with heart, and do everything from your heart, from a heart filled with Golden Unconditional Love.

“Know that we send you comfort and soothing this day and we bless you. And we are forever with you and you are loved beyond measure. We urge you to call on your favourite Light Beings – the ones that you resonate with, this day, and may the peace and the glory ever be with you on your journey.” (16)

Thus, if we have the slightest inkling that we are lightworkers, we are encouraged to begin our work now. It is time for us to awaken, AA Michael says: “Like Rip Van Winkle in the rhyme, it is time to awaken and arise from your slumber and realize that a revolution awaits you, not just an American Revolution, but a Global Revolution. Claim your divinity and claim the golden revolution, for it is nigh.” (17)
It may be too soon for some of us to accept the fervent charge that our sources make of us. Perhaps we may need to re-read these pages six or eight months from now, when the rising energies on the planet will have fully opened our hearts and resolved our doubts.

But we can store away in our memory these indication of their confidence in us, that we are the ones who will turn back the dark, achieve tranquillity, and spread light and love among the people of this world in preparation for the global transformation in 2012.

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The Declaration of Human Freedom

The Declaration of Human Freedom

Every being is a divine and eternal soul living in a temporal body. Every being was alive before birth and will live after death.

Every soul enters into physical life for the purpose of experience and education, that it may, in the course of many lifetimes, learn its true identity as a fragment of the Divine.

Life itself is a constant process of spiritual evolution and unfoldment, based on free choice, that continues until such time as we realize our true nature and return to the Divine from which we came.

No soul enters life to serve another, except by choice, but to serve its own purpose and that of the Divine from which it came.

All life is governed by natural and universal laws which precede and outweigh the laws of humanity. These laws, such as the law of karma, the law of attraction, and the law of free will, are decreed by God to order existence and assist each person to achieve life’s purpose.

No government can or should survive that derives its existence from the enforced submission of its people or that denies its people their basic rights and freedoms.

Life is a movement from one existence to another, in varied venues throughout the universe and in other universes and dimensions of existence. We are not alone in the universe but share it with other civilizations, most of them peace-loving, many of whom are more advanced than we are, some of whom can be seen with our eyes and some of whom cannot.

The evidence of our five senses is not the final arbiter of existence. Humans are spiritual as well as physical entities and the spiritual side of life transcends the physical. God is a Spirit and the final touchstone of God’s Truth is not physical but spiritual. The Truth is to be found inward.

God is one and, because of this, souls are one. They form a unity. They are meant to live in peace and harmony together in a “common unity” or community. The use of force to settle affairs runs contrary to natural law. Every person should have the right to conduct his or her own affairs without force, as long as his or her choices do not harm another.

No person shall be forced into marriage against his or her will. No woman shall be forced to bear or not bear children, against her will. No person shall be forced to hold or not hold views or worship in a manner contrary to his or her choice. Nothing vital to existence shall be withheld from another if it is within the community’s power to give.

Every person shall retain the ability to think, speak, and act as they choose, as long as they not harm another. Every person has the right to choose, study and practice the education and career of their choice without interference, provided they not harm another.

No one has the right to kill another. No one has the right to steal from another. No one has the right to force himself or herself upon another in any way.

Any government that harms its citizens, deprives them of their property or rights without their consent, or makes offensive war upon its neighbors, no matter how it misrepresents the situation, has lost its legitimacy. No government may govern without the consent of its people. All governments are tasked with seeing to the wellbeing of their citizens. Any government which forces its citizens to see to its own wellbeing without attending to theirs has lost its legitimacy.

Men and women are meant to live fulfilling lives, free of want, wherever they wish and under the conditions they desire, providing their choices do not harm another and are humanly attainable.

Children are meant to live lives under the beneficent protection of all, free of exploitation, with unhindered access to the necessities of life, education, and health care.

All forms of exploitation, oppression, and persecution run counter to universal and natural law. All disagreements are meant to be resolved amicably.

Any human law that runs counter to natural and universal law is invalid and should not survive. The enactment or enforcement of human law that runs counter to natural and universal law brings consequences that cannot be escaped, in this life or another. While one may escape temporal justice, one does not escape divine justice.

All outcomes are to the greater glory of God and to God do we look for the fulfillment of our needs and for love, peace, and wisdom. So let it be. Aum/Amen.

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