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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March 8 - To be Lasting, World Freedom Must be Won by Peaceful Means

To be Lasting, World Freedom Must be Won by Peaceful Means


Granted we’ve never gone this way before (I’m referring to rising energies and worldwide protests, not to peaceful revolutions) and yet face regimes that have spilled our blood, who will not yield power easily, nonetheless the only path that will permanently bring us the freedom we desire is the path of peace.

For centuries, perhaps millennia, we’ve ignored the fact that life is ruled by law but we cannot do so now.  Too much is at stake.

The law we must attend to now is the natural Law of Karma – that what we sow we reap. Those who live by the sword will die by the sword. What we do unto others will be done unto us – inescapably.
If we win freedom by the shedding of blood, we’ve created more karma, more residue, more suffering. We will lose freedom also by the shedding of blood, if not now, then eventually. We have set in train the events of our own undoing.

Nothing can ever be permanently gained by the shedding of blood. Nothing is ever gained permanently anyways, but it’s lost sooner by the shedding of blood.  Bloodshed produces more bloodshed, irrevocably. Therefore let us win back our freedom, worldwide, as a human race, but win it back peacefully.

We must realize that those against whom we protest already have their hands stained with blood. Their regimes have no legitimacy in our eyes and probably in the larger scheme of things. No dictatorial regime is strong enough to withstand for long the united voice of the people. A dictatorial regime is even weaker for having shed its people’s blood.

That freedom be restored is, in my view, the Divine Plan for this age but how it is restored is of first importance.  Let this be a peaceful revolution, a transformation with no residue. Let it see the overturning of dictatorship wherever it exists on the planet as a whole, but let it create no new dilemma, no new victims.

There is a tide in our affairs that will lead us on to victory. The Lord may harden Pharaoh’s heart for a while to unify us and test our strength and determination. But in the end, Pharoah will succumb and set the people free.

We are entering an age that favors the return of freedom, peace and harmony to the people, wherever they be.  There are no terrorists where we’re headed, no plutocrats, and no military. In getting there, we may throw off our chains but we may not enchain another. We may resist force but we cannot force another. We may protect ourselves from injury but we cannot injure another.

This is the moment when we as a human race take back the planet from its controllers. In every nation, the people will rise up and demand their freedom back. We have no example from the past that we can harken to. This road is utterly new. But our success is guaranteed. With confidence and dignity, let us assemble and address our rulers, demanding that they step down immediately and turn the government over to the people. We are ready. We are able.

This is our day. This is our moment.



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The Declaration of Human Freedom

The Declaration of Human Freedom

Every being is a divine and eternal soul living in a temporal body. Every being was alive before birth and will live after death.

Every soul enters into physical life for the purpose of experience and education, that it may, in the course of many lifetimes, learn its true identity as a fragment of the Divine.

Life itself is a constant process of spiritual evolution and unfoldment, based on free choice, that continues until such time as we realize our true nature and return to the Divine from which we came.

No soul enters life to serve another, except by choice, but to serve its own purpose and that of the Divine from which it came.

All life is governed by natural and universal laws which precede and outweigh the laws of humanity. These laws, such as the law of karma, the law of attraction, and the law of free will, are decreed by God to order existence and assist each person to achieve life’s purpose.

No government can or should survive that derives its existence from the enforced submission of its people or that denies its people their basic rights and freedoms.

Life is a movement from one existence to another, in varied venues throughout the universe and in other universes and dimensions of existence. We are not alone in the universe but share it with other civilizations, most of them peace-loving, many of whom are more advanced than we are, some of whom can be seen with our eyes and some of whom cannot.

The evidence of our five senses is not the final arbiter of existence. Humans are spiritual as well as physical entities and the spiritual side of life transcends the physical. God is a Spirit and the final touchstone of God’s Truth is not physical but spiritual. The Truth is to be found inward.

God is one and, because of this, souls are one. They form a unity. They are meant to live in peace and harmony together in a “common unity” or community. The use of force to settle affairs runs contrary to natural law. Every person should have the right to conduct his or her own affairs without force, as long as his or her choices do not harm another.

No person shall be forced into marriage against his or her will. No woman shall be forced to bear or not bear children, against her will. No person shall be forced to hold or not hold views or worship in a manner contrary to his or her choice. Nothing vital to existence shall be withheld from another if it is within the community’s power to give.

Every person shall retain the ability to think, speak, and act as they choose, as long as they not harm another. Every person has the right to choose, study and practice the education and career of their choice without interference, provided they not harm another.

No one has the right to kill another. No one has the right to steal from another. No one has the right to force himself or herself upon another in any way.

Any government that harms its citizens, deprives them of their property or rights without their consent, or makes offensive war upon its neighbors, no matter how it misrepresents the situation, has lost its legitimacy. No government may govern without the consent of its people. All governments are tasked with seeing to the wellbeing of their citizens. Any government which forces its citizens to see to its own wellbeing without attending to theirs has lost its legitimacy.

Men and women are meant to live fulfilling lives, free of want, wherever they wish and under the conditions they desire, providing their choices do not harm another and are humanly attainable.

Children are meant to live lives under the beneficent protection of all, free of exploitation, with unhindered access to the necessities of life, education, and health care.

All forms of exploitation, oppression, and persecution run counter to universal and natural law. All disagreements are meant to be resolved amicably.

Any human law that runs counter to natural and universal law is invalid and should not survive. The enactment or enforcement of human law that runs counter to natural and universal law brings consequences that cannot be escaped, in this life or another. While one may escape temporal justice, one does not escape divine justice.

All outcomes are to the greater glory of God and to God do we look for the fulfillment of our needs and for love, peace, and wisdom. So let it be. Aum/Amen.

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